Monday, 3 September 2012

Mobile Advertising Strategy

The world is shrinking. Well don’t worry, the opening sentence doesn’t mean the universe is swallowing the world. The world is gradually becoming a smaller place as innovations in the business of science & technology is doing its best to deliver upon mankind. 20th Century bought us inventions like Motorcars & Airplanes but the 21st century further bought us a way to interact with each other like never before. Internet has improved our quality of living, bought us closer to one another besides increasing entertainment & flow of knowledge.

The upcoming sensation from the world of technology is indeed the mobile platform. Mobiles have revolutionized the way we interact with each other. Mobile Phones liberate users to stay connected no matter where they are. The fundamental nature of mobile phones is being able to function as an effective communication medium without wires. Wires limit its scope of being a versatile communication medium. With over 4 billion users, the mobile telephony sector is a sparkling success story. Mobiles also give businesses a chance to connect directly with their prospective sales leads. Computing technology allow developers to undertake Mobile Advertising strategy because statistics suggest that users are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. This gives a perfect opportunity for any business to capitalize upon seeking the direct attention of a user.

The best strategies that boost your Mobile Advertising Strategy are:

1. Promotional Text Messages : Let’s face it, not everyone uses smartphones & not everybody would understand online ads. The basic essence of mobile phones remains to communicate with one another. Promotional calls are best avoided but sending text messages is one smart way to introduce products & services to potential customers. Although voice calls may be declining over years, Statistics show that texting is extremely popular with mobile users. With most users adopting unlimited text & data plans, your brand will go viral in multiple networks in short time.

2. Going Mobile: Big question for every business waiting to jump into the arena of Mobile Advertising. Whether to push for Mobile Sites or build apps. Well in some rationality, its felt that Mobile Sites will have an edge over apps as let’s be honest not every mobile user is falling for the Smartphone world. There will be users who still prefer regular talk n type phones. Apps are more centric for smartphones that operate them as added advantages. The smartphone market is growing at a tremendous pace so you might want to consider apps too.

3. Social Media: The final link to your Mobile Advertising Strategy. Mobile phones are increasingly becoming an important part of our lives so does Social Media. We meet new people on Facebook, we form professional relationships through LinkedIn, we entertain via Youtube & we speak our hearts out via Twitter. Social media is here to stay. Its time you adopt a mobile strategy as more phones are now allowing easy integration with social media. With the popularity of Apple & Android based smartphones, everyone is multitasking with handsets. Facebook has over 400 million mobile users, a testimony that even Facebook is taking mobile platform seriously, now would you believe that!

Its time you put your thinking hat on!